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I am a highly motivated, versatile artist, with a passion for learning. As a life long learner, I am always expanding upon my knowledge, skills, and creativity.

I successfully earned my Graphic Design B.A & Psychology B.A from the State University of New York at Oswego. The knowledge and skills I have acquired from my Undergraduate studies offer me a unique edge in leading a dynamic, well-rounded approach to servicing people, and in producing effective visuals. As a creative individual, I am highly skilled in conceptualizing and implementing innovative digital marketing initiatives to boost market impact and expansion. 

In my work experience, I have acquired substantial knowledge in managing multiple media platforms such as the company website, advertising, photography, branding identity, marketing campaigns, social media, and SEO/SEM digital marketing. I have a broad range of experience as a Graphic Designer as I have created successful advertisements, brochures, datasheets, presentations, newsletters, logos, business cards, banners, and website designs. I have valuable experience in photography and Photoshop as I incorporate these skills into website developments, graphic designs, and advertisements. My working knowledge of reformatting images, pre-flighting files, and the production process has proven efficient, and helpful in bringing projects to a professional timely finish. I have MAC and PC proficiency, as well as fluency with industry-standard design software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

In addition, I am a New York State Certified Art Educator for grades k-12 with a Master's degree in Art Education. As a dedicated art educator, I am driven to share an enriching Art education to positively impact the students, district, and community. A successful art education engages young minds through encouraging exploration, creative problem-solving, and self-expression. My goal is to empower students with opportunities to explore and discover their creative potential. Students will develop an inspired love for learning as knowledge, self-confidence, and skills are built in the classroom.

I am passionate about my work and always strive to deliver an effective, focused, and exceptional service that meets my employer's needs and goals. I am a helpful, enthusiastic, and reliable employee with relevant experience in various industries. I can work well in a collaborative team environment, or independently. 

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